Best guitar strings for beginners

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Here are some of the best guitar strings for beginners in my opinion

After many years of playing and teaching guitar I have found the best strings for me and would like to share my findings along with a few links of where you can grab some below.

When to replace strings and how to know when it’s time ?

I often have students come in with guitars their parents just bought at a hock shop or were given by a family member. Sometimes they’ve been sitting in a basement or have not been played for years or maybe just since

To do a quick check, I usually just run my finger down the strings and if they feel ‘dry’ and have lost their coating and shine then they likely need to be replaced. The strings will be playable but will lack volume, bend and sustain compared to a new set.

String types

The type of string you need all depends on what kind of guitar you have and or your playing style. As I play around town and teach both kids & adults, I need to be versatile and so I’ve been trying different brands.

Acoustic guitars generally take steel strings, classical guitars take nylon strings and electrics take steel strings as well.

My top picks :

Here are some of my all time fav strings over the years for electric guitar players. Most of us know how great these brands are for reliability, feel & price ! I can highly recommend the following strings to beginners and beyond :

Electric Guitar

The Ernie Ball Slinkies are my first choice for electric guitarists as they’re both affordable and reliable. I discovered them at age 14 in a local music store back in the UK, and they’ve never let me down! 😮

Get yours here


Also a great choice as generally guitar players can’t go too far wrong with D’Addario.. They feel great and usually last longer than expected.


Get yours here

Here are some of a lighter gauge, which some people like for easier bends during solos. They also facilitate speed, for those of us who like to zip around  :p

D'Addario EPS520 ProSteels Electric Guitar Strings, Super Light, 9-42

Get yours here 

                                     Acoustic Guitar

On acoustics I like 12 gauge but you can experiment as you go with thicker strings, if that’s what you’re after.

I find these to be right in the sweet spot for me as they have lovely tone and sustain. I’d consider these a must do upgrade if you have a first acoustic with old strings on it.

D'Addario EJ16-3D Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light, Pack of 3

Get yours here

The Martin Flexible core strings are pretty neat too & play great on my .. umm .. Martin    :]

Martin FX740 Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings, Light

Get yours here

Classical Guitar

I have been playing these Augustines on my Yamaha ntx 700 for a couple years now and they’ve been excellent. They also come in blue I think which is of a lesser tension.

These Augustine strings also feel great under the fingers and are not too expensive for the classical players out there. I noticed my old teacher playing jazz arrangements in a lesson and thought it sounded soo cool and smooth not to mention how much harder it is to grab larger chords on a steel string. I found if I’m playing jazz or pop arrangements I prefer nylon strings. The guitar body is smaller, the strings are softer and just sound gorgeous.

So that’s my string round up. I know there are many more out there to try out but these are the brands I would likely recommend to any childs parent or beginner at my studio. If you are looking for some of the best guitar strings for beginners, I would look no further as these brands are all widely available and pretty well known.

I’m always happy to try new guitars & gear so I’ll update the page with new discoveries as I go through more packs !

All comments and suggestions for future brands welcome :}


6 thoughts on “Best guitar strings for beginners”

  1. Hi that was a great article on what type of strings to use on my guitar. I have owned several guitars, but have never learned to play. Seems like I always get to busy.

    Getting the right strings may have been part of the problem. I am glad that you are taking the time to educate us on what strings to use.

  2. This is so helpful – I’m a beginner so I’ve no idea what to buy for my acoustic. Will try some of these. Cheers.

    • Hi Oli, you really can’t go wrong with these tuners, they’re so user friendly and durable.

      I’m soon to be writing a guitar for beginners post which may be of interested to you :}

      Best, Paul

  3. Actually awesome info! Buying strings can be super complex but I think I’ll try the Ernie balls! Great site! Could you maybe do an article explaining the difference between Mexican and squire fenders? Or Mexican and American? That’s one that has me puzzled. Thanks!

    • Hey Sean! Thanks for your comment, I can absolutely do an article on those two guitars :} I have both models and would be happy to share my experiences with them.




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